Wednesday, June 09, 2010


半山芭监狱(Pudu Jail)大门远眺;原址即将发展成综合性商业广场。

D: I watch a thoughtful n touching clay animation name’s “MARRY N MAX”, I think u wil like it too :) ‘Heart of caring of others is nothing to do w one’s knowledge’.

C: 下一轮的革命运动发动者也许将是来自资产阶级,而不是知识阶级!:p

D: Do u know y?

C: 治学严正的知识分子不再处于现实政治的权力核心,留在那里多半是具有“实用意义”的“理性人”;体制外的起义耗时费力,成效甚微!所以老兄你不必老是对所有的知识分子赶尽杀绝啦,一笑。

D: Ha ha no worry capitalist stil need all these ppl to deco the High Culture :)

C: Knowledge is Power的背后无非就是希望人类这种经济动物尽可能掌握“知识”话语权,而并非作“有知识就有权力”之解;君不见人世间往往贱贤贵达,贫善富恶吗?卡那噻!

D: Ha ha not many ppl like philosopher not using their knowledge to gain power. Even u Chinese guys’ master Kong Fu Zi also tries to use his knowledge to control ppl :)

C: 那是崇尚王道的时期,何况孔子根本攀不上权力高峰,谈何譬方?一个人有学问不代表他具有知识或者智慧,尤其在崇尚人道的时期,对掌握权力的阶层的分析需要更加具体,别滥杀无辜!

D: Without power we can’t even protect those innocent n helpless ppl. Not every warrior enjoy killing, especially when dealing w the blood sucker…Knowledg never belongs to any individu, it sh be the life jacket of poor ppl :)

C: True, I believed tat too! Ironically, the real world doesn’t reflected the truth tat both u n I m believing; general knowledge pun kena refused by ppl fr the ground. 刚才在MPH书店听见一个长发美媚指着一本书的封面问其男友:他们说这个人很出名,它是谁哦?OMG, the man is Anwar Ibrahim!

D: I think u should ask her is she came fr Kandang Babi? N shout to her ‘lu memang Cina bodoh, memalukan bangsamu!’ then her bf wil beat u…but since that she sure remember the guy in the photo :-p

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